Prayer For Sunday Morning

Eternal, almighty God and Father! I most heartily praise and thank Thee, that Thou hast graciously, by Thy holy angels, preserved me from all harm and danger both of body and soul, during the past night and all previoustime; and I most heartily pray Thee, forgive me all my sins wherewith I have offended Thee, Read more about Prayer For Sunday Morning[…]

Sunday Morning Prayer

Prayer for Sunday Morning. Lord, our Heavenly Father, Eternal God! Blessed be Thy divine power and might; magnified Thy fathomless goodness and mercy; praised Thine eternal wisdom and truth. For Thou hast shielded me with Thy hand against the perils of this night, and hast suffered me to rest and slumber in peace under the Read more about Sunday Morning Prayer[…]

Prayer In Time of Sickness

  Gracious God and Father, I acknowledge and confess unto Thee that I have done evil all the days of my life and have not lived to Thy honor. I haveĀ fulfilled the lusts of the flesh and have served myself and the world more than Thee. O Lord, I am very sorry that I have Read more about Prayer In Time of Sickness[…]

A Prayer For Joy

  All thy ways of mercy tend to and end in my delight. Though didst wee, sorrow, suffer that I might rejoice. For my joy thou hast sent the Comforter, multiplied thy promises, Shown me my future happiness, given me a living fountain. Thou art preparing joy for me and me for joy; I pray Read more about A Prayer For Joy[…]

Prayer for a New Beginning

Incomprehensible, great, and glorious God, I adore thee and abase myself. I approach thee mindful that I am less than nothing, a creature worse than nothing. My thoughts are not screened from thy gaze. My secrets sins blaze in the light of thy countenance. Enable me to remember that blood which cleanseth all sin, to Read more about Prayer for a New Beginning[…]